Lazy Puppy Doesn’t Want To Walk, So She Takes One Really Brave Action

pf0002-1Every time I try to use the vacuum around my dog, he runs and cowers in the opposite direction. It is understood that dogs feel fear as they hear the loud whirring sounds. To any tiny creature, it makes sense to freak out when seeing that loud, monstrous object coming at

you from across the carpet!

However, one sweet tiny puppy can’t possibly love vacuums more. This sweet video has been shared in July 2017 showing a tiny Golden Retriever named Umi riding around on a Roomba robot vacuum!

According to the sweet dog’s owner, Umi’s ride has taken place on June 30, 2017 at their home in Lisbon, Portugal.

Certainly, it doesn’t matter how small the puppy looks, she’s apparently fearless. The video shows Umi hardly bats an eye as the vacuum whirls from corner to corner of the room, zooming and bumping around on the floor.pf0002-2

At a certain point, the tiny Golden Retriever doesn’t care when the vacuum heads directly into a wall. She doesn’t even try to move a muscle to avoid the wall as she goes on her relaxing ride.

Everyone knows that puppies sleep a lot in their first few weeks of their lives. However, Umi is taking “lazy puppy” to a whole new level, isn’t she?

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Via Little Things