Leo the puppy is not like the others, it’s very touching!

 Leo the puppy is not like the others, it's very touching!

This video is about the sweetest puppy in the world, he is the sweet baby Leo. Apparently, you will see Leo as a cute little normal puppy, but shockingly he faces lots of struggles that are bigger than his tiny size. Leo the puppy was born without his two front legs. Sadly, he also had hydrocephalus as well as scoliosis. Leo the puppy was a real fighter, he won the hearts of everyone who watched him or saw him in the shelter. As you see in the video, he is playing; he is trying to enjoy his time like a normal puppy at his age. But he can’t feed by himself, so there is someone who is feeding him. The video was recorded when Leo was only 10 days old!

This situation didn’t last for a long time, shockingly, in April, when he was only 3 weeks old, Leo passed away. Instead of losing two legs, he is having two wings right now; it’s ripping my heart to know this. The struggles were very hard on his tiny body, it was too much for him, and he didn’t get through it. But we are still thankful for those people who looked after him and cared for him till his last day.

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Every day we see so many owners giving up on their dogs, when they have health issues or when they became old, and they are the latest choice for adoption. All dogs need to live happily with their loving owners; they deserve love despite all what they had been through, and all of the disabilities. It’s a good idea to celebrate with a new dog, and if you don’t have that chance, you can donate to any animals’ shelter near you.

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