Man Finds An Abandoned Neglected Puppy That Was About To Die And Changed His Life!

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Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch was called to check on a dog that was scheduled to be euthanized because no one could help him. He found him in a very bad shape, very skinny, severely emaciated, very stinky and blind!

Dr. Matt said that when he found him staring at the wall, but he can’t see much of anything! In fact, Rem, the dog was so close to death because of malnutrition and disease. The dog was very anemic and suffering from mange, poor nutrition, blindness and his liver has some issue as well. Dr. Matt wasn’t sure if Rem’s blindness was temporary or permanent but he would figure out while treating him.

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Dr. Matt decided to make his best to bring him back from near dead and make him a happy healthy puppy. He started with giving him a warm bath, scrubbing and cleaning him.

After two days, Dr. Matt found that the poor puppy, Rem, can see! 

Rem seems to improve day by day and that was a good sign. Dr. Matt was worried that he was permanently blind, luckily, he wasn’t!

The poor puppy didn’t trust people any much yet, had an issue in getting closer to Dr. Matt and he wouldn’t accept to sit on Dr. Matt’s lap. He is such a nervous little puppy!

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After  eleven days, Rem started to wag his tail!

He can see, he has got a normal vision now, and he is doing very good. He still looks pretty terrible but hopefully, his hair will start growing back in couple weeks.

He is still nervous a little bit, but he is learning to trust people.

The little puppy realized that these people are loving and protecting him because they offer him food and water beside the medical care.

Watch how Rem acts at the end of the video and I’m pretty sure he will melt your heart, share his story with your family and friends!