Man raises a grizzly bear in his house!

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Casey Anderson is a wildlife lover who was raised in Montana. Casey was interested in wild animals since a very young age. He has special kinship with bears.  He appreciated them and therefore dedicated his life working with them. There is no doubt that he deserves the nick name people call him “Animal Magnet”.

Casey had a unique relation with a brown grizzly bear. Casey had been a friend to the 800-pounds who he found lying besides his mother’s dead body. That was over ten years ago in Alaska, and they have been friends since then.

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It was painful for Casey to see the little bear cub heartbroken for his mom; Casey rescued the baby bear, adopted him and named him Brutus. For his entire life, Brutus had the best care in the world, thanks to Casey. He treated him just like a son. He allowed Brutus to stay home with him.  As the bear grew, his size was too big for him to move around the house comfortably.  This is when Casey established a place where Brutus can be more comfortable, and called it  Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Center.

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The organization cooperates and works together to defend the cause of the grizzly bears, and educate people how to contribute in protecting them. Casey’s and Brutus’ big dream is to remove grizzly bears from the list of endangered species.

It is incredible to watch the bond between Casey and Brutus.  Watch the video below ho Brutus turned up at his best friend’s wedding!

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