Marine finally reunites with his soldier brother. But wait until you see them together


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Marine soldier, Sgt. Jacob Fisher, is one of the so many heroes who are on active duty, defending our lives, and our freedom. While Sgt. Jacob was overseas on the army base in Bagram, Afghanistan, he found a little puppy in a wild animal trap. He did not think for even a second to leave this helpless pup to fend for himself alone in the streets. Sgt. Jacob believed that he should save one more life before returning home, and he certainly did.

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The fellow soldiers of Fisher named the rescued puppy Jax. Jax’s savior felt an immediate bond with the little adorable animal, who looked so scared and was shaking with cold when he found him. Fortunately, Fisher spotted him just in time. This lucky little puppy had the chance to find a forever home with his savior when Fisher decided to take him home with him.

Recently, Sgt. Jacob Fisher returned home, after a seven-month deployment in Afghanistan, which was his third tour in the Middle East. However, Fisher had to wait for almost three months before he was able to see Jax again, the puppy he once saved from death in Afghanistan.

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For Fisher, it was not only about saving the life of a helpless and desperate little animal in need. This little puppy had also helped him to keep hope and faith during his duty time in Afghanistan.

On April 24, 2015, and while Fisher’s two kids were by his side, he finally reunited with the puppy who captured his heart at first sight.

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Sgt. Jacob Fisher and his fellow soldiers in duty do great efforts putting their lives on the line not only to protect our liberties, but they would not also mind risking their lives to save the animals they fall in love with abroad, just like the cute puppy, Jax.

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