Masked men were trying to break into this couple’s home, when their dog took a bullet to defend them…

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There is a good reason for the often using of pets in therapy. It is proven that the presence of those furry companions aside is very effective in helping humans stay calm and reduce their stress levels. In addition to the previous great benefit of having a pet, there are other several benefits of pets, especially dogs.

Pups are precious creatures; they have amazing capability of providing their humans with unlimited and unconditional love. Their high sense of danger is incredibly crucial as well. Throughout history, dogs had proven that they are the best living alarms ever, and they had been the saviors for uncountable times. Among hundreds of recent stories, you can check how this German shepherd saved his foster mom from a house fire, or how this Labrador bravely saved a helpless bird from drowning!

Recently, a married couple has joined the list of humans saved by dogs. Literally, they owe their lives to their brave pup, Leon, who saved them from masked individuals who tried to invade their home. The wife of Leon’s owner screamed for her husband to get his gun after being startled by the gang trying to break into their home. However, before the husband even reached for the gun, Leon already took an action in order to protect his family. The brave pup immediately attacked the masked men to prevent them from his family. Although the robbers shot Leon in the head with their guns, he chased them away!

The couple took Leon instantly to emergency care. Fortunately, the bullet did not kill that heroic dog. The couple was so thankful to the vet, for saving their pup’s life, who could have been possibly killed in his attempt to protect them!

“It is a wonder he is not dead, but if it had been over just a little bit, I’m sure he would have been,” the husband told WDAM.

Now, the courageous dog is slowly recovering, and it is undoubted that his owners could not be more grateful for his companionship.

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