Meet Luhu, the saddest cat on the internet.


We find that some photos go viral without an exact reason, and the photo of this cat is one of them. Everyone, you are about to meet Luhu, the saddest cat on the internet, but I think that as animal lovers, we think she is the cutest cat on the internet. Luhu the cat set internet on fire when her cute photos were published, people were amazed by her adorable photos, despite that sad look, and she is looking very cute. The owner of Luhu the cat confirmed that she looks like that since her birth. The internet goes crazy about it, have you ever seen a cat who is looking like this before? I think not. Now enjoy watching the photos below.

A cute, adorable, sad look.


The sleepy sad look.


Can things get any cuter than this?


Panda is her best friend


Even when she scratches, she looks sad.


It’s irresistible!


The baby kitten Luhu, it’s a proof that this sad look was something that she is born with!


There are lots of cats who were breaking the internet with their adorable photos. We know that cats’ bodies are so flexible; sometimes they make weird poses and moves. You see how much your cat do lots of unexpected positons. But when you will see this cat’s photo you will see that it’s the weirdest and the most awkward, and once it was published, people didn’t stop editing it and making jokes about it, they made dozens of it, and here we chose the most viral jokes for you. It seems that internet took the photo to a whole new level.

See those beautiful photos of Luhu, and if you find it cute, don’t hesitate to share it with all of your family and friends.