Meet Max, the Corgski dog.

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As always, the mixes between breeds surprise us, why think of two different breeds if you can mix them together and gain the double benefits of both breeds? It’s like having a dose of cuteness in a few seconds. Mixed breeds are known for their cuteness and their beautiful morals like these 12 adorable mixes that we saw here in this link, now here we will see another adorable mix, between a corgi Puppy and a Siberian husky dog.

It all started when a cute corgi dog married the beautiful husky dog, and as a result of this marriage, they delivered a puppy, or a Corgski, named Max.


Imagine the cuteness of corgi dogs mixed with the furry coat of husky dogs, Max is only 18.5 from foot to shoulder. He takes the body of corgi and the furry coat and face of husky dog.

Surprisingly, Max is now abandoned, he has no place to go, he doesn’t have a forever home or a loving home, he is so friendly and playful, and now he is having a deep friendship with the workers at the dogs trust in Basildon, Essex, and they are taking care of him till he finds a new home.


Corgski is a prove that cute things come in a small package, he is an eye catching dog, every person that tried to play with him or make a friendship with him, describes Max as the cutest and the most gentle. He is also a big hearted, energetic and most playful dog. It’s also known that there are about 54 wolf–like breeds, and all of them are well cared of by the charity’s network of animal rehousing centers.

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