Meet RJ, the cutest Kangaroo ever.


Animal’s world recorded the most amazing friendships ever; here you will see one of them, a friendship between two different types of animals, a dog and a kangaroo.

Meet JR the cutest kangaroo ever, and his two dogs’ best friends. Believe it or not, but it’s true. It seems that there is an amazing bond between all of them. RJ the kangaroo lived a long time with his dog friends, it leads that the cute kangaroo really acts like them, and you will see that in this amazing video. It was the treat time where the owner is giving her pets some treats, you will watch that RJ the kangaroo enjoying eating treats with dogs, he behaves like them, and he also sits for treats just like them, and the treat was crunchy chips.

Meet RJ, the cutest Kangaroo ever.

Actually, the woman works in the wildlife animal sanctuary in Florida, she said that the kangaroo enjoys eating chips, and the second JR hears the sound of the bag opening, he come immediately to eat it. The way RJ is chewing the chips is very cute that you can’t and won’t resist smiling.

It seems that JR the kangaroo is well tamed, and it seems that his owner loves him so much, and cares for him so well just like his dog friends who seemed to be very well trained. You won’t stop smiling while watching this, this video is very joyful.