Meet Roger, the Kangaroo who is crushing metal with his hands


We have no doubt that kangaroos are adorable, we have seen many cute Kangaroos on petsfans.com, like RJ the kangaroo who is living with dogs and is treated like a pet, he is also eating treats with them, and also this beautiful kangaroo that is actually thought to be a dog, he was rescued and lived with dogs since he was a baby. But in spite of these different stories, nothing is like that kangaroo!

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Meet Roger, the 9 years old rescued kangaroo, he was rescued by Chris Barnes while he was young after his mother was killed in a highway road, the owner of the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs. While you are seeing his old photos, you might think that he is a normal kangaroo, but when he had grown up, you will be amazed! His photos went viral in the last few days, lots of people thought that this photo of Roger is photos hoped or something, but actually it is not. This kangaroo is called the muscled beast; his body is full of muscles. Roger weighs about 200 pounds, and is six feet tall, he is a huge kangaroo.

Roger now is living at the Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs in Central Australia. Roger actually loves to show his power while he is crushing metal buckets; he is not a normal Kangaroo.

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“In the video you will see roger chasing his savior, playing together, he said that it’s not safe for anyone to do that, but for his savior, it’s ok, Roger won’t hurt the man who saved him from death. As his owner said, roger is also a kind kangaroo and he has a soft side in his personality.

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