Meet the absolute perfect friends: Pancake the Cheetah cub and Dayo the puppy.

6-18-2015 2-16-38 AM

Today’s friendship is different and unique, but absolutely adorable! Meet Pancake the cheetah cub, and his friend Dayo the puppy. They are life partners, they both were born on the 28th of February, and they have been friends ever since. You can see in the video how they run and play together, they sleep next to each other; it seems that they are like siblings. They are so adorable, I love their friendship. Who said that cheetahs are dangerous? They are adorably amazing. Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

6-18-2015 2-16-16 AM

Nothing is more beautiful than animal’s love towards each other, it’s easy and simple, I am completely surprised by the amazing bond between animals. An animal’s love is amazing, and it has no conditions. This video is the proof. It’s amazing to watch those deep relations between animals, it teaches you to take life easily, and to be forever happy. It’s amazing and pure, and animal’s love has no limits or condition. The size, the color, the type, they shape, the breed, those things don’t matter at all, all what matters is the real love, and the strong bond. They never failed to amaze us.

It’s not our first time to see such a unique friendship like this one. You can watch here the special friendship between all the animals, it’s the spring joy, and even though it’s not spring, it will break you lots of joy and smiles. Also don’t miss the world’s odd couples, Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the deer; they will amaze you with their friendship. You can watch it here. It’s awesome how they get alone, isn’t it?

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Watch the friendship between Pancake the cheetah cub and Dayo the puppy, and share it with you family and friends, they will absolutely love and the video will make their day.