Missing companions incredibly reunite with their families!


For people whose pets run away, there are no words that could describe the sadness that comes with their great loss. The worst thought haunt them. They could spend hours and hours searching and feeling sick with fear and and start blaming themselves for losing their beloved pets. These sad parents never give up and call every local animal shelter around the area; put notices everywhere, and post on facebook.

Despite of all their efforts sometimes those beloved pets just do not show again. In rare cases, the story ends happily after months or even years of losing a pet.

Dogs who were stolen or ran away can sometimes get the chance to reunite again with their loving old families. For their heartbroken parents, it is a precious chance to express to their fluffy beloved friends how sorry they are for losing them. When the reuniting moment comes, the look on the owner’s faces is priceless.

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The video below highlights some of these incredibly beautiful moments. Watch this video and let us know your thoughts.  While some dogs in the video were missing from their parents for only a couple of months, others were lost for years! Regardless of how long these puppies were away, one thing is always very clear, their families missed them and never stopped loving them.

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