Mom delivers her baby to the world. But when the family saw her little face? Unbelievable…

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When this mama horse proudly gave birth to her little filly, her humans were truly surprised once they saw the incredible little face of the newborn baby.

While there is no doubt that all horses are amazingly beautiful, regardless of their color pattern, this little baby horse’s appearance was far from her mom’s. The newborn horse came out with a very rare pattern, which is known as “Medicine Hat”. Scroll through to know more about the story of this adorable filly’s birth and first day in the outside world!

Over the years, this extremely rare pattern has been seen by several cultures as a very special appearance, and those rare horses have been always considered as “mysterious animals.”

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In the Native American cultures, those rare horses have been seen as magical. Native people believed these horses had powers that would protect their riders from harms in the battles. These uniquely shaped horses were, and still, have a value.

Therefore, when the little horse, Coconut, arrived to this big world, her human family, and the entire herd probably, felt elated and proud. They knew that they were amazingly lucky to have this special filly as the newest member of their family. What an incredibly good luck charm this is!

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As the family knew that the other horses in their little herd would be excited towards the newest member, they had to provide the horse with a clean and safe stall to give birth away from the curious big guys. Eventually, after being cooped up inside for two days, the rare little filly had the chance to greet the outside world, and say hello to the other horses in the herd, who all gathered to greet her, too!

Scroll down to watch the adorable filly take her first steps in the incredible video below. If you look closely to the other horses, you can see how they even seem to know this newest family member is special from first sight!

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