No one cared for this days-old baby. But when this woman picks him up? ADORABLE!


When most animal lovers think about rescuing animals who are in need, squirrels do not usually come to their minds. However, Hope Swinimer does not take it that way, as her love for different kinds of animals inspired her to establish her unique wildlife rescue centre, Hope for Wildlife.

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Since it has been established, Hope for Wildlife rescues about 350 squirrels each year. Most of them are only a few days old, and some of them are found injured or abandoned. According to Swinimer, interaction with humans is the main cause of these animals’ troubles.

Humans were the main reason behind bringing baby squirrels in the rescue centre to take care of. Some people decided to adopt their parents, probably without knowing that they have babies out there. Collisions with vehicles are another common reason for bringing in many animals with head trauma.

This kindhearted woman goes out there to help all squirrels that are not able to fend for themselves. She exerts a great effort educating the folks who may have put animals in danger without knowing they do so. Swinimer believes that anyone has the ability to care a bit more for the surrounding wildlife.

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Image Credit: Facebook  / Hope For Wildlife

Hope for Wildlife takes care of around 350 squirrels that need help every year. In many cases, the squirrels come in with a sort of trauma, which is caused by a car accident. In other cases, squirrels are too young and weak to live on their own.


This little squirrel was suffering from a head trauma, and it is recovering well now. It began to feed himself, which is a very good sign that it will be able to live on its own when it is released back into the wild soon. Thanks to the amazing people who take care of it at Hope for Wildlife.


The ultimate goal of Hope for Wildlife is to help as many little squirrels as possible to get back into the wild, natural habitat where they belong.


This recovering female squirrel has been caught stealing some paper towels to add to her nest at the rescue centre. Staff hope that she will get back out into her natural habitat soon, where she will be able to collect sticks and leaves for the same purpose.


Sadly, some baby squirrels, like this one, are brought into the rescue centre at few days old. These tiny creatures would never survive out there on their own. Thankfully, the centre’s staff is wandering around to find them and give them the care they need to survive.


It is amazing to have the chance to see these adorable tiny creatures opening their eyes for the very first time. This is worth all the effort Swinimer and her fellows put in, day and night to keep these cute furry creatures alive.


Swinimer said, “I know squirrels aren’t all that glamorous of an animal, but we love them.”

While it appears odd to some people to love such small wild animal who seem insignificant, Swinimer and her fellows at Hope for Wildlife believe every animal deserves to live and be happy.


“People understand that dogs and cats have feelings and are intelligent beings and feel pain, but I think there’s a bit of a disconnect when it comes to the wild world,” Swinimer explained.

Swinimer’s incredible work has inspired many people around the world. Hope for Wildlife reminds us that all creatures deserve our love and respect!

You can visit Hope for Wildlife’s Facebook page to find more details about their impressive work.

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