Nothing Is Cuter than Watching This Dog Playing With A Police Hat

5-11-2016 4-20-49 PM

A furry new employee has been taken by police to sniff around the streets of the north-east.

Little Bodie is a playful package of fun and he is only nine weeks old. But so soon the German Shepherd little puppy will be playing an important role in the force of chasing down criminals and looking for missing people.

The extra energetic dog is the most adorable addition to the north-east’s dog unit. He has been chosen from the Metropolitan Police Service’s breeding program.


In the next few weeks, he will start his main training and within a year, he is expected to do well in his own way to become a fully licensed operational police dog.

Bodie is living at home with his new trainer and he will be included int both the work and family background.  PC Steve Warden, a regional dog trainer for Aberdeen, said Bodie was selected especially from his litter to join the team. He added that the little adorable puppy was already toilet-trained and obeying commands.

 “We could tell right away from his mannerisms and inquisitive nature that he would make an excellent police dog. “Already, we can see he is almost fearless. So far, his basic training has involved placing him in a number of different situations, from going into a dark room and a lift to walking over cobbles and being driven about in a police car with sirens.”

PC Warden said that even though he will live at home with his trainer, there is a huge difference between working police dog and a dog as a pet.

Police Scotland's newest four legged recruit, Police Dog Bodie, with Regional Police Dog Instructor, Steve Warden, at Nelson Street Police office. Picture by KEVIN EMSLIE

He said: “Bodie will eventually live outside with two other dogs in a kennel. He won’t be curled up on the sofa.

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