The Photo Behind The Multiple Rescue

10-6-2015 4-23-46 PM

Every day we hear stories that prove how strong and powerful social media can be.  It is not only changing people’s lives, but animals’ too.

This photo was captured by a volunteer who visited a dog shelter.  The Photo shows a man hugging a German shepherd.  The hug spoke a thousand words.  The German shepherd was one of the dogs who were to be euthanize on the 7th of October.  She reached out to the man once she saw him.  Her hug said it all.

The non-profit organization Paws had posted a photo on their Facebook page of the dogs that are destined to be put down.  The photo went viral, and the response was unbelievable from internet community. Every one wanted to know the truth behind it and how they can help this dog.


This is a story with a happy ending.  The Shelter posted the good news a few days later, confirming that the dogs that were to be euthanized on 7th October will all be freed as they were all adopted.  The German shepherd was sent to the PAWS New England rescue, and from there, she will be sent to a foster home.

Nothing is more precious than saving a dog’s life, because simply, living in a shelter is very depressing for an animal.  Dogs are supposed to be with their owners, socializing and interacting.  Once dogs are out of shelter homes, they need ample of love to forget the horrors they lived.