Owner Does Unexpected Thing To Relief His Dying Great Dane Puppy

5-11-2015 2-42-22 PM

Every day we hear about those horrible backyard puppy breeders who don’t care about how healthy and happy dogs should live and all what they care about is money. Most of them ended up dead or with horrible deformations that end with their death, but this Great Dane dog was willing to survive, because she was loved!

It all started when owner Dave Meinert rescued a Great Dane puppy that was bred by a backyard breeder. Sadly, all of her siblings died immediately, some of them died after birth, and the others died because they were deformed. When Dave rescued this cute Great Dane puppy, he was told that she won’t survive; she won’t have much time, because she had a long list of health problems that would develop. The vet told him that if she survived, she would be deaf and blind.

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The words of the vet were very breaking, Dave wanted to help Pegasus, but according to what the vet said, she doesn’t have much time, so he decided to make every day left special, and he also decided to record every single moment together. It was an attempt to treasure every moment, he doesn’t know how many days are left for her, but he decided as long as she lived, he will record those moments.

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So he filmed every day, and he found that she is all grown up, healthy, and good, and now Pegasus is 6 months old, playful, funny and the kindest ever. Every day he captured her walking on the treadmill. Dave doesn’t know how long she will live with him, but he is doing his best to have a healthy dog, he enjoys filming her every day, he is giving her endless love and care, maybe it’s her own kind of cure that would help her survive.