Paralyzed dogs play and run for the first time!

5-9-2015 4-33-28 PM

It’s very heartwarming to see dogs get over their disabilities, and enjoy their time playing and having a joyful life. And it all goes back to those amazing volunteers who are doing their best to give those dogs the life they deserve. This video is amazing and it’s very joyful, those beautiful dogs are all facing disabilities in their lives, those dogs are having a severe spinal injury, and after they spent lots of time unable to walk, they are having the time of their lives now. They are trained on using wheelchairs, and thankfully, they got used to it, so it was time to have endless fun. The volunteers took the dogs to run and play for the first time, and it was amazing, you will see how happy they are. They are living their life normally, playing and running like normal dogs. Finally, they got the life that they really deserved after all what they had been through.

5-9-2015 4-33-44 PM

It’s amazing to give those dogs a second chance at life. We find that most of people who are willing to adopt dogs, go for the healthy ones, and avoid those who have a long list of health problems, despite their need for love, care and a forever home. Some people think that saving dogs won’t change a thing, but the fact is that saving one dog will not change the world, but for the dog, the whole world will change forever.

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Don’t hesitate now to make a change in a dog’s life, especially those that are in need for help; give them a forever home and endless love. You will find that your life is changing to the better; lots of dogs are waiting there in shelters for your hearts to be open up for them, because no one ever looked at them. It’s time to give them help.