Perfect Friends: Big Bear And Big Rescuer

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Jim Kowalczik, is an animal lover who loves his pets, he loves to be cuddled and kissed by his pet. The thing is, his pet is 1500-pound Kodiak bear!

kowlaczik and his wife Susan are the founders of Orphaned Wildlife Center, which is an animal sanctuary in New York city for bears like Jimbo.

Jimbo’s loving and devoted nature was shown in a video that went viral!

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With a plan to focus on rehabilitation, the nonprofit center says that its big goal is to release these bears back to the wildlife, where they belong. Sadly, Jimbo, and about 10 other bears at the center, have been exposed to direct contact with so many humans as cubs to successfully go back to the wildlife.

“Our primary purpose is to release these animals into the wild,” Director Kerry Clair told The New York Times. “We only keep them if there’s some problem.”

“This bear was born in captivity and has lived with this man for 21 years,” stated Orphaned Wildlife on Facebook. “But animals are still always to be respected for what they are capable of.”

Their full cuddle, is in the video below!

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What he did when he saw the bear blew my mind

The animal kingdom is undoubtedly the most wonderful and surprising thing. It is great to have a chance to learn more and more about it and its strange facts. The animal kingdom is a place for many unusual situations. Every day we see lots of stories that just make our mouths drop because of how amazing they are. But no matter how weird and unusual the stories are, we always can’t help but find them to be heartwarming and inspiring, and of course beneficial.

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