Prepare to meet the smartest crow ever

7-8-2015 2-50-18 AM

We all know crows as those black birds with loud voices that are always trying to steal our food, but there is a lot that crows have in store that we don’t know about.

Crows is the general name for a variety of birds in the Corvidae. They range in sizes, but they are mostly black in color, and they originated from Asia, they are among the eldest of bird species.

According to recent researches, crows are actually quite intelligent. They have been proven to actually know how to use tools, but not only that, they can also construct tools to fit their needs. Crows usually track human behavior and are capable of adapting to it. They have been known to reach an intelligence level that is very close to that of apes, which is very high.

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This video is yet another proof of those findings. The video was shot and uploaded by Youtube user Alex Heschuk, and it shows a crow acting really brilliantly.

At first when I saw the crow approaching the pizza box, I never expected that it would actually succeed in opening it, but to my surprise, it amazingly did!

The crow first circled the pizza box, trying to get an idea of how it can attack it, then it started its attack. I love how calm the crow was, and how determined it was to open the box and get to the delicious treat inside.

After two minutes of trying, the crow finally succeeded in what it set out to do! The crow didn’t have to poke its beak through the box, but it actually succeeded in opening like it’s normally opened.

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Isn’t the crow just genius? I didn’t know that crows were this smart, I’ve learned a lot from this video.

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