Pug searches for a place to use the bathroom, but check out the way he lifts up his legs


If you want a truly good laugh, all you have to do is get a pup! Among all animals, dogs are of the funniest when they are really happy. They make us smile almost every single time they attempt to make us laugh.

Pups have an impressive ability to turn a basic function into a hilarious experience, and they would always seize the opportunity to make their humans laugh. Just like the little Pug in the video below, who seems, at first glance, just looking for a bathroom!

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For any dog owner, this would be just an ordinary moment of his daily life, but the owner of this Pug caught an extraordinary moment on her camera. As this little adorable pup is about to lift his right leg, he also lifts up his left! Gracefully, the cute pup begins walking around in a handstand, all during he uses the bathroom. I hope that the owner of this little guy managed to keep him away from her shoes!

Before getting back to the normal three-legged stance, the hilarious pup keeps walking around on just his front paws for about a minute. In fact, I have to admit that this little pug is much stronger than he looks and probably stronger than many people I know.


Scroll down and check out the below video, and tell us in a comment if you can hold a handstand like this little pup does!

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