Pup finally reunites with his loving family after being separated for 20 months!

I can never forget one particular birthday party of mine. It is the one when my pup decided to take a run through the neighborhood right after my last guest arrived. It was a terrifying experience, and I remember that I asked every friend of mine to help me track him down. Luckily, we had the chance to continue our festivities after we found my four-legged friend in a nearby yard!

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It is undeniable that I would not have cared a bit about my birthday party, and my heart would have been broken if I could not find my pup so quickly. For any loving dog owner, it can turn into a tragic reality if they had to go through a similar experience. While it could be just some kind of a game for pups, it is quite surprising how shocking this game could eventually end when they find themselves too lost to remember which way would get them back home.

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As days pass, any owner who lost a pup would not save any effort to find their precious furry friend, and would also try to remain as long as possible waiting for a safe return. However, when months go by without any good news, this hope begins to vanish. Devastated owners would begin to make peace with the idea that they might never see this cute face again. Then they would try to live with the pup-shaped hole left in their heart.

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Gunner’s family seems to have exactly the same story. Their pup left them devastated for 20 long months before showing up at the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control shelter. Fortunately, Steve Stoehr, Allegheny County Dog Warden, and his staff knew about a dog that was running loose in the area. They went to check on him, and they were happy to find that he had a microchip that led them to his family. Luckily, the Animal Rescue League captured a video footage of the happy reunion.

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