Pup takes care of his younger human brother!

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Every dog owner who is expecting a baby definitely wonders how things would work out between the two. As my brother has two pups, which he treats as his own kids, I felt exactly the same when my sister in law was pregnant. The two fuzzy dogs seemed to be enjoying the special care and taking all the attention, so how would they react towards the new comer? What would they do, when the focus shifts away from them? Those were persistent questions back then, but luckily things just went great, incredibly great in fact!

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Actually, I had nothing to worry about, and you will know it once you watch the amazing video below. It turned out that all the three cuties get along easily, and they even crawl around the house together as best pals.  It is sad for toddlers to spend their time away from their best friends.  This reminds me of another bond where a baby enjoys the  delightful fun with his dog.  It is just heartwarming to watch!

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While this happy couple was getting ready to welcome their son, they were sure of the fact that their beloved bulldog could not actually wait to welcome his brother home! Things went great to the extent that they spent the entire first year of their son’s life, capturing the duo bonding! Even before their son’s birth, their pooch was excited and used to curl up to the Mom’s belly!

I really loved how they are so sweet and kind with each other, they look like loving sibilings!

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