Puppy Mill Mother So Terrified Over Her Puppies That She Hides Them In The Wall

It was late January, 2016, in the middle of a late night, two women moved stealthily into a puppy mill in a remote area of New South Wales, Australia.

Debra Tranter and her co-investigator had visited the same puppy mill farm in 2015 to discover dogs living in squalor.
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Mother dogs at that place were in bad health conditions, because there, they were forced to pump out endless litter!

Tranter the founder of the Australian anti-puppy mill group Oscar’s Law, has documented these terrible conditions in the puppy mill and delivered the evidence to RSPCA.

This footage made the authorities seize 16 dogs, in urgent need of veterinary care, and to issue a notice for the puppy mill operators to fulfill animal welfare standards.

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Sadly, when Tranter and her co-investigator came again to the puppy mill, they found that things have gotten even worse!

Among all the dogs found in the puppy mill, there was one dog in particular that attracted Tranter’s attention. She was a female Beagle cowered in the corner of the dirty enclosure and gazed at Tranter with suspicious eyes.

Tranter knew she must film the female dog, then she left the area!

“I immediately spun around and thought, where could puppies be?” she told The Dodo. “There was nothing in the pen except for a big wooden box. I knelt down and looked underneath that box, thinking it was the only place where dogs could be. But there was nothing.”

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Tranter turned her video camera’s light off and sat near the wall to listen to the sounds. That’s when she heard the cry again and again! She turned her light on, and discovered four Beagle puppies hidden in the wall!

“It was incredibly sad,” Tranter said. “This poor mother dog had to give birth on this filthy dirt floor, and had nowhere safe to put her puppies. She was surrounded by all these other barking dogs, so the mother had hidden her babies within the wall cavity because it was the only safe place.”

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If the dogs can be legally rescued by the authorities, Oscar’s Law has offered to pay for all veterinary bills and help find foster homes for the animals. Still, the dogs will have a long road to recovery. When Tranter rescued her miniature poodle, Oscar, from a puppy mill in Victoria, she said it took him many years to adjust to his new life.


Sign the petition to shut down puppy mills in New South Wales, Australia and save more than 400 dogs’ lives.

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