Remember Zeus who died in 2012? Well, turns out he is alive.


We all know it feels to leave your dog behind for a while. Whether you go for work and then you come back to your beloved pet, or you go for business trips and you come back after months. Leaving them is always so hard because they look at you with their eyes, and you see the sadness in them.

The Harworth family had a sweet dog called Zeus, and he was a sweet, Rottweiler mix. In 2012, the Harworth family had to say goodbye to their beloved pet, Zeus, because they were travelling. Ben and Melody were relocating their two sons to South Korea and they decided to leave Zeus with a friend of theirs, so he wouldn’t be stressed because they were travelling so far. The family, a few months later, got a devastating call, saying that Zeus is dead. But three years later after the family had returned to the states, the received shocking news, Zeus, in fact, was not dead. Zeus is alive and was seen wandering around a house in Raleigh, NC.

Laura Williams, the one who found the dog, had to convince Zeus to get into her car, and once he did, she took him to the vet. The vet scanned his microchip, and he found that he was indeed the Harworth’s dog.

The family felt ecstatic with the news, and they couldn’t wait for the dog to be back in his house. But sadly, there were a few problems.


Zeus is diagnosed with heartworms, although he is getting the treatment he needs, he can’t fly the 2,000+ miles from North Carolina to the Harworth’s new home in Washington State.

Thankfully though, local news have been checking on Zeus’s situation, and volunteers decided to organize a road trip to take him home. It will include free medical checkups donated by Banfield Pet Hospital at their location along the way.

Now the volunteers are using the hashtag #GetZeusHome everywhere in social media to get some kind strangers to help get the cute dog back to his home. His incredible story deserves a happy ending, and we can’t wait to see the reunion video!