Rescued baby deer meets a kitten for the first time.. watch the reaction!


There are few things in life that we love unconditionally. One of these few things is the unspoken animosity between different types of animals. Things like these are so adorable and breathtaking. I believe there is a special relationships among animals of the same kind or who differ in spices. There are those cynics who think that animals don’t have such relationships or don’t make friends like we, humans, do. But it seems like everyday more and more interspecies BFFs friendships develop.  They disprove all of these theories. One thing to be sure about is that friendship and love don’t have boundaries.

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Snowflake the fawn was rescued from a near death collision with a hay baler.  It was a little over three weeks old. Snowflake, the baby deer was rescued by Kelly’s Kritters,who worked with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization in Texas. The accident left her with a broken leg, so she was taken to be recuperated in a rehabilitation center that specialized in taking care of injured deer. The little deer needed to be cured by emotion rather than anything else.  She met other rescued animals including an adorable little kitten who became Snowflake’s friends at first sight. Seeing Snowflake and the little kitten sniff each other is a sure thing to bring a big smile on your face. Watching them both together is double cute!

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Not so fast. Dr. Toby Bundlehug, who possesses a degree in Applied Cuteness Mathematics from Tokyo Institute of Kawaii Studies.  He explains via email that cute plus cute does not equal double cute; rather, cute plus cute multiplies into cuteness that grows at an exponential rate — thus making the deer and kitten’s friendship far more adorable than first supposed.