Rescuers Jump Into A VOLCANIC Cave To Rescue A Trapped Dog. OMG!

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This is one extraordinary rescue story which must be read! It is about a trapped dog who is called Kula. Kula wasn’t trapped or stuck in a regular place, where rescuers can easily show up and lend hands, she was trapped in a VOLCANIC cave!

“Kula was lucky she wasn’t far from home and her owner could hear her barking,” Whitney Sickels, an employee at the Hawaii Island Humane Society (HIHS) said about the extraordinary rescue of the 3-year-old Brittany spaniel.

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Last Wednesday, Kula, somehow, escaped from her house and unfortunately the surrounding environment was known with its volcanic activity. Her owner, Terrance Moniz, started his search for his dog at approximately 1.a.m. and when he finally found her, in the collapsed lava tube, he was horrified.

“There are a lot of lava tubes on the Big Island,” Sickels explained. “They’re basically caves created when a river of lava gradually builds solid walls and a ceiling. When the lava flow stops and the last of it passes downhill, a cave is formed. They vary in size and can be anywhere and often well- hidden.”

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The lava tube was a difficult obstacle for the two brave HIHS animal control officers who showed up for the rescue.  Starr Yamada and Marie Kuahiwinui-Eggers, found it extremely hard to find the cave.

The two officers spent hours and hours searching through the dark depths of the lava tube. Getting cuts and scratches along the way.  This, however, did not hinder their determination to persevere, according to the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

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Moniz was so thankful and grateful for the extraordinary rescue and he stated a heartwarming email to thank Humane Society to show his gratitude.

Kula is now safe at home!

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