Rescuers saved an injured blind coyote. But when they opened her pen days later… WHOA!

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Six weeks ago, more than one miracle happened when an adorable coyote was saved by a wildlife organization known as Animal Rescue Team. The first miracle was that this coyote was still alive when they found her!

Amazingly, this poor female coyote had survived multiple killing threats, including poisoning, falling from 30-foot high cliff into a dry riverbed, dehydration, and incredibly above all, a gunshot to her head! It is even unbelievable to imagine that any animal could survive all these accidents.


Finally, the animals was saved as soon as she was found, but still suffered blindness after a bullet pierced her frontal lobe. This gunshot started a series of horrible accidents to this poor coyote. Blindly, she ate a poisoning substance, before she stumbled and fell from a cliff into the dry riverbed.

Luckily, someone spotted the desperate helpless coyote and alerted the Animal Rescue Team about her, and rescuers immediately came to save her. The terrible condition the coyote was found in did not prevent the rescue team from believing that she deserved a chance to live. Therefore, they rushed her to their facility, intending to do everything possible to save her life.


While the brave coyote was recovering at the facility of Animal Rescue Team in California, her rescuers were not expecting the miraculous surprise that happened next…

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The poor coyote was at her brink of death. The rescue team gave her CPR all the way to their facility. Amazingly, the brave coyote survived the trip to the rescue center and was able to heal, but it was even more surprising to her rescuers that there would be another stunning miracle this resilient animal would experience!


One later morning, the facility workers opened the recovering coyote’s pen for the regular cleaning, when they were surprised to find that she gave birth to four babies who were all safe and in good health!

Tenderly, the surviving coyote was nursing her four newborn little babies, the workers who discovered this incredible miracle could not even believe their eyes!

“Although she remains blind, she is the best mother we have ever witnessed,” the Animal Rescue Team posted on Facebook.


According to the rescue organization, the brave coyote mom will take care of her little newly born pups until they grow strong enough, before introducing them back into the wild to be on their own.

Despite the blindness of the mama coyote, she can live safely for the rest of her life at a wildlife sanctuary, after she completely recovers with the care of the rescue team at the facility of Animal Rescue Team.

What this mama coyote had to go through in the past few weeks was incredibly shocking. What is even miraculous is how well she has been able to nurse and care for her newborn babies during her recovery. Her survival story is truly inspiring!


You can visit the Facebook page of the Animal Rescue Team to find more updates on the incredible story of this surviving coyote mom, and to learn more about this amazing wildlife organization, too. Thanks to the incredible efforts of those awesome people!

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