Rescuing a dog who was starved on purpose till the brink of death

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This is an amazing, heart breaking story from Rescue From The Hart, but rest assured: by the end of the video, you’ll be crying tears of joy. The poor dog, named, Angel was one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse the rescue team had ever seen in their entire rescue cases and that’s conveying a lot.

This story begins when Rescue From The Hart, was contacted to about a severely abused dog. For months, someone had purposely starved her. By the time she was rescued, Angel was literally dying. Her organs had begun to shut down and she was barely living.

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At first, we see a bag of bones with a very little will to survive. The volunteers and staff of Rescue From The Hart, heroes, were sure that she needed a miracle so badly to make it, and so they lent her their own faith and strength, till she finds her own strength.

Feeding was a delicate process; they started with tiny amounts of food because too much too fast could have killed her. But over time, Angel’s soul began to shine through. She began to eat, she began to walk, and she started making new friends. Eventually, Angel began to thrive despite all what she went through. She is a fighter!

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By the end of the video, you won’t believe your own eyes, it’s very hard to believe Angel is the same dog from the very beginning. Her transformation is simply mind-blowing and what is very chilling is that she finds a forever home and she finally gets what she deserves, love and care, it’s something everyone should see.

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Watch Angel, receive a standing ovation on Fox’s “All-Star Dog Rescue” on Thanksgiving. Fox – 8pm/7pm

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