See what this golden retriever dog did with his huge cowbell!

3-1-2015 5-26-43 PM

First of all, this dog is the cutest and what he did is more awesome. It seemed that the owner of this golden retriever dog is creating a band together, that’s way the owner decided to bring his Maple, the golden retriever dog a big cowbell, and you won’t believe what the dog did next, the golden retriever dog perfectly played and amazing song named “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Colt. The dog is going in the rhythm with the music his owner played, he is the future drummer. So before playing the video, make sure that the volume is raised, enjoy the music.

Despite that music talent! Golden retriever dogs are easy to train, they are very smart and energetic dogs that actually helps in training them some of this tricks. You can’t get enough of golden retriever dogs, Golden Retriever is smart and good natured, and they are one of the best family companions. Their life span is from 10 to 12 years average, and they weigh about 29 to 34 kg, and their height is about 56 to 61 cm. According to their thick hairy fur coat, they need to be brushed daily; their coat needs much of your care and also much of grooming. Golden retriever shouldn’t stay home alone; they need to be always with their families and their owners. A Golden retriever dog is kind and gentle, protective and smart; they are really good with children and other animals. And they are very energetic and playful.

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