See how this German shepherd shows mother love to the orphaned Jack Russell pups.

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As his babies, this beautiful German shepherd plays with those jack Russell puppies. The gentle German shepherd acts like a mom. Lucky is the owner of that dog, he has an affectionate one who shows mother love. Jack Russell puppies need a great deal of exercise and outdoor activity, and are usually too loud for such high-density living. They need room to run; leash walking does not satisfy their boundless energy. Unless your schedule permits many hours at home and a lot of outdoor activity, with a safe place the terrier can run, this is not the dog for you. Most Jack Russell Terriers are happy-go-lucky and friendly with strangers, but in the presence of strange dogs, keep them close and under control. If the other dog minds its own manners, the Jack Russell will usually adhere to a “live and let live” philosophy, but some Jack Russell dogs are so brash and fearless they will take on a Rottweiler if it cross-eyed at them. They can run all day and keep coming back for more. They are sharply intelligent and absolutely nothing gets past them. There is no fooling a Jack Russell. They are spirited terriers, fearless and sassy with minds of their own and aren’t above causing mischief to get a laugh. They are highly trainable and are famous for their high-jumping antics. When raised alongside children, Jack Russells make fine family dogs. They are exceptional athletes who excel in the competitive arena.

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If you want a pet that provides both affection and a measure of protection, consider the German shepherd. These highly intelligent dogs are lovable, loyal and easy to train. They make excellent companions and can also be trained to serve as herding dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs and more. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find an ideal German shepherd today. Nowadays, this breed is all over the map in temperament.

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