See how Yamuna the paralyzed dog survived, it’s very inspiring.

Paralysed dog rescued

It’s way too hard to accept the fact that you can’t stand on your own legs, it’s very hard to handle life and your own needs. Those dogs are feeling the same; they are facing the most difficult disability ever.

It starts with the story of Yamuna; Yamuna is an Indian street dog, she never knew the meaning of the word home before. From the first day she was born, she was a stray dog. Sadly, Yamuna is a paralyzed dog. Yamuna got hit by a car, and was left behind without any kind of help. Yamuna the paralyzed dog was found dragging her legs, she couldn’t walk, she also couldn’t stand up, and so it was time for help. Thankfully, Yamuna the paralyzed dog was found by some volunteers and they took her to the shelter, she was in a very horrible condition, you can see the sadness and fear in her eyes. The best decision they decided to take is to start the physical therapy to the Yamuna the paralyzed dog. The first day of the physical therapy was very hard, even the paralyzed dog couldn’t stand up on her own leg. After 15 days of complete physical therapy, Yamuna now is walking on her legs normally like a happy dog. It’s awesome to see how this paralyzed dog faced her disability and survived it, Yamuna is very inspiring and strong.

There is more and more paralyzed dogs like Yamuna, also the paralyzed dog Kaashi needs physical treatments and care. It will be very kind of you if you just donate to those dogs in need for help, they just need to survive and live normally like any other dog.

The video was uploaded and created by Animal’s Aid India, which is one of the most leading centers for animals rescue in India; they are helping and rescuing more than 4000 animal per year.