See what this dog did when he found a water fountain, it was PRICLESS

4-19-2015 3-55-09 AM

A dog knows how to enjoy life, how to enjoy everything, how to have the maximum fun from anything, and they know how to be happy in the hardest times. Like a water fountain, it could be the most wonderful game. You got the chance to see the happiest creature on earth, running through the fountain.

In Northeast, the weather was great, so this dog couldn’t hold himself and he was very excited towards the local fountain, he ran towards it and started to dance and play, he kept on running back and forth. This dog was spotted dancing in the fountain, the dog is enjoying and having fun, all people were standing there watching the dog dancing and moving around with the fountain beat. That was the moment where she decided to open up her camera and record this moment

4-19-2015 3-55-33 AM

This video went viral on internet, viewers were amazed by dogs can enjoy their lives. We are all full of worries about things, but animals are amazing in how they live their own life. They teach us how to enjoy life in the simplest ways.

Dogs are so magical, they are the happiest creatures on earth, and maybe it’s an invitation for you to start a new happy life and enjoying those little things. We are learning lots of morals from dogs.

It’s not the first time to see a dog that is enjoying dancing with the fountain beats, watch this video of a dog who was captured in by a woman who was working at Saint Martin’s College, and surprisingly she spotted that dog dancing with dancing water fountain, and it was adorably joyful, no one could resist it, people stood their watching, you will be amazed

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Watch the amazing video below, and if you enjoyed it, share it with all of your family and friend.