Seger the Labrador dog works in a funeral home, see how he helps people move on from their loss.

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Dogs are our cure. Have you ever thought about that? The way they fill our lives with pure happiness, they make us forget about all of our worries and misfortunes, just by one lick and one wag of a tail. They are like medicine, and it’s fascinating how they can save a life. Dogs are a necessity in life, and they truly are amazing. In fact, dogs have already saved millions of lives. Whether those dogs are military dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, or simply just dogs. A non-trained dog did save his owner from robbers, she was also pregnant; they are heroes, our heroes.

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And when it comes to funerals and death, losing someone so precious and beautiful for you is hard, moving on from someone’s death makes life miserable, and you might as well wish that you were dead. So in order to not wish that, a lazy black Labrador works in a funeral house, bring never ending smiles to the people who lost a dear one, and it is surprisingly working. In the Duffield & Pastrick Family’s Funeral home, Seger the Labrador dog helped ease the pain on people who had just lost someone they love.

Seger had been working in the Funeral Home since 9 months ago, Seger was originally going to be a therapy dog for handicapped people, but he is just too lazy to be so. But he’s perfect for this job. You will see how much difference he had made for the people who are arranging for the funeral of a loved one, and it’s kind of hard to not smile when this adorable Labrador dog is there, trying to make you play with him.

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It’s an amazing idea, and it certainly had made a difference and it helped people moving on. It reminded them that life still has amazing things in it, and Seger the Labrador dog is definitely one of them.