Senior Blind dog wonders why He’s alone at the shelter


Puppies are so adorable and everyone loves them, but what about senior dogs? Old dogs are still as cute as little puppies. Old dogs have lived through years of love, loyalty and friendship. It is hard and heartbreaking to hear that some owners discard their old dogs because of ridiculous and insensitive reasons. Like Jake the Sheltie, who was given up for adoption by his family because they had “no time for him”.

raven-1Now, there is another dog who is in desperate need for help. Sweet Old Ravan was found wandering in someone’s backyard.  She was taken to a stray, but no one really knew if she ever had a family or not.

Raven is partially blind and almost deaf, but worst of all is that she is lonely. Workers at the Fulton County Animal Services shelter often find her staring at the wall. Poor Ravan has no one to love her and that’s a horrible feeling, even for an animal! She gets a little scared when someone touches her body, but she enjoys having some love and affection from the staff.

It seems that Ravan has no idea why she’s alone, sitting there at the shelter. According to the shelter staff, she is so sweet, cute and gentle.  She constantly has a bewildered look in her eyes.  She is in a desperate need to get a home and to be surrounded by people’s love and affection. She is really helpless and it is painful to know that she is to live like this for her entire life.


If you are interested in adopting Raven, please contact Fulton County Animal Services by emailing them adoptions@fultonanimalservices.com. You can also give them a call at 404.613.0358. Raven’s animal ID is ID# 479905.

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