The Cries Of A Sorrowful Senior Dog, Are Heard, Watch The Ending


Do you remember Cookie? The senior dog who was shocked to find she was taken to a shelter and left behind.  The family decided to swap Cookie for a younger and more active dog!


Cookie’s eyes drooped with desperation, confusion, loneliness and disappointment. She must have thought about her forever after, and saw no hope! How could her beloved family, who one day loved her so much, do this to her! She waited for their return, but she never saw them again.


Cookie is crying for her family. She watched as the family drove away with and left her to die,” that’s what a volunteer wrote about Cookie’s unfortunate situation.

Cookie has a look of despair that breaks every dog lover’s heart.  The way she looks, shows that she no longer trusts any one. Or maybe this was her protective and cautious attitude so she does not get too attached to another human again! It is very clear that she lost hope in humans. 

Luckily, there was someone out there who heard her cries!


Cookie was abandoned and all alone until one day, she was chosen to be adopted.  She will finally be showered with love and affection, and compensated for her loneliness over the last period.

Cookie found the unconditional love that she and every other dog deserves.  She is now living a comfortable and loving life; I guess she found her happy ending.

In the pictures below, Cookie is with her new loving owner.  She looks like a totally different dog! Like she is young again, of course young at heart!


She found what she really deserves.  What every living soul looks for, to be loved, and cared for unconditionally!

Dogs are extremely loyal, they don’t love you because you are rich, healthy and young. They love you no matter what and they deserve to be loved back!

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