Senior pooch watches dad surf away. But watch what she does when a wave rolls in…


Any person who has ever adopted a pet knows how rigorous that process could be. That is why it’s important to choose the right pet for the right lifestyle; especially if the desire behind this decision is to have a companion forever.

You can think of it this way, a lazy couch pooch might not be as interested as you might be in going out for a long walk, and vice versa. Just like when we go through a new relationship with a human companion, we have to ensure that the personalities match well.

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Once you choose the right pet, you can enjoy the amazing experience and all the happy moments with your furry best friend, including those priceless ones when they jump for joy to have you back home.

In some cases, it is easier said than done, and the story of Alex and Luna can be taken as an example. Alex is a Frenchman who has an adventurous life, and he probably never expected to find a dog that would fit happily into his lifestyle.

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Luckily, Alex had the chance to meet Luna, who is an adorable terrier pup. The duo clicked right away and seemed like a perfect fit for each other.  They both adore travelling, and recently, they moved together to Hawaii, where they settled in Oahu.

The filmmaker, Jonathan Keao, made the video below, which shows the fit couple enjoying their favorite activities. They seem so fond of sports like surfing and skateboarding! Check out the amazing video below!

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