She Asks Her Dog What’s In His Mouth And His Response Is hilarious!

How many times have we seen our dogs being sneaky? Well, a lot! If you’re a dog owner, you will definitely relate to this. You have probably noticed or witnessed that your dog eats from the leftovers, or even the food that you keep on the counter. Sometimes they don’t get caught, but most of the times, they do. They think they are being smart, but we’re just smarter! And if you still hadn’t caught your dog stealing food, you might need to set a camera, because he is definitely stealing food, and he doesn’t really care if he is caught or not.

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Now in this video, we have the same situation, but this time, the dog got caught. Meet Chase, the dog that is apparently obsessed with tater tots. So when his owner baked some and put them somewhere right after getting them out of the oven, she noticed that some tater tots are missing. Knowing her dog, she went to Chase, and she asked him about the tater tots. She asked him what’s in his mouth, and he looked at her, ashamed that he got caught, and let out maybe 10 or more, maybe less, tater tots from his mouth! The look on his face is as if saying, “Ugh, you caught me. I wanted to eat them.” However, I’m pretty sure that Chase’s owner did not get mad at him, I mean, who can get mad at this adorable dog?

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You can always train your dog to not steal food, or maybe anything else. It’s better to teach him that, so you wouldn’t have your things disappearing suddenly. Also you have to know what food is healthy for your dog and what food isn’t, to avoid your dog getting sick.

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