She found a bird in his cracked up egg on the ground, what she did for him was amazing.

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Let’s just be thankful that this wonderful human being exists in such a cruel world.

Klinger the bird is one lucky guy, and he would have never thought that he would be rescued when destiny decided to make him fall off from his nest. This wonderful human being found a cracked egg on the ground on June 16, 2014, and she didn’t know where he fell from, and she just couldn’t leave the baby bird when she noticed that he was starting to emerge out from the egg, and so she took him home with her.

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The bird seemed so small, and right after he emerged from the egg, she put him in makeshift incubator, and even though that some experienced bird rehabbers told her that the bird would not likely survive, she tried her best and did not give up. Thankfully, the bird in the next morning was still alive, and then for the first 2 weeks, she had to feed Klinger every 20 or 30 minutes, and he was always waiting for the next meal. Since then, the bird only got stronger, fuzzier, and bigger! His feathers began to grown and his eyes were finally open.

The way he was getting bigger is mesmerizing and heartwarming, he was growing every day, and the day finally came that he finally knew how to feed himself. The little bird was a productive and active bird, that he even took several showers in one day, and he seems to like them! Klinger now is healthier than ever, and it all goes down to this wonderful woman.

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Now Klinger is one year old, and he is healthier than ever, and he will always live with his wonderful owner. It’s amazing how she took care of him, and the bird is such a fighter, isn’t he?

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