She found a litter of 6 puppies abandoned and abused, she did the unthinkable to save them.


It’s very heartwarming to see people like this woman doing their best in saving animals and dogs in need, Amy Remark shared her story of rescuing six puppies and their abused mother.

It all started when she found a litter of six puppies abandoned in the street with their mother, she took them and rushed to the vet, and here in this photo, the six puppies are sleeping there.

Sadly, there mother passed away, she kept on fighting all night but she couldn’t resist the pain.

After the mother died, Amy and her friends started nursing the puppies, and thankfully they found a shelter that is ready to take care of them and let them in till someone adopts them. Also Amy and her friends started a fundraiser at www.gofundme.com/doggielove so they can pay the vet’s bill.


Finally the puppies were in good hands, they felt safe and happy, and they are very curious about playing.

Now meet Fletcher, the adolescent puppy that Amy took him, and thankfully he is getting better day by day, he is recovering and socializing, he finally found his forever home.

Fletcher is having new friends…

Fletcher is now having a forever home and a loving owner, and a second chance at life.


Amy did the unthinkable to save those puppies, if she didn’t help them, they would be dead by now. And there are still thousands of stray and abandoned dogs living there in the streets waiting for someone like Amy to save them and offer them a second chance of life, we hope they are saved one day.


When you see those types of rescues, the first thing that you notice is that those people were there in that time for a reason, the reason is saving an innocent life. If Amy was not there, those puppies would be dead by now.