She photographed some breathtaking images of kids and dogs! It’s INSPIRING!


Sometimes we find that photography is revealing the beautiful side in things specially animals. Lots of talented photographers used their awesome talents to show how amazing the animal’s world is. Here is a new artistic set by the photographer Elena Karneeva, she is a Russian photographer, surprisingly she is specialized in children, but she got that inspiring idea to make a photo set showing the amazing bond between dogs and children, she chose the husky dogs as the main breed to use in the photos, because as we know, husky dogs are known for their endless love to animals. As Elena said, she wasn’t only trying to catch the children’s emotions, she tried also to focus on the dogs’ as well, and those pictures are like opening the window into another world. I am totally amazed by this! The photos are very heartwarming and beautiful.

1-Let me give you endless kisses!


Image source: Karneeva

2-And then I will give you endless hugs.


3-We will forever play in the autumn weather!


Image source: Karneeva

4-We will always be together no matter what.


Image source: Karneeva

5-We will smile always, because we are together.


Image source: Karneeva

6-We will always love you, girl!


Image source: Karneeva

7-We are a family and we will always be, we will stick together.

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It’s very important to have a pet in the house to raise it with your baby, a dog, a cat or even a fish, Because having a pet is a simple way to teach your children many things, they will care for animals and appreciate them for the rest of their lives. I think the boy in this video will never think about harming an animal when he grows up

Those amazing photos are very heartwarming, they show the bond between dogs and children in the best way, it leaves me breathless; now feel free to share the amazing photos with your family and friends.