She Was Devastated When Her Dog Died. Watch What Her Grandson Did For Her!

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It is difficult to see your beloved family in pain, while you stand there watching and not doing anything about it. It is worse than being through hard time yourself as you helplessly watch them suffer and struggle.

This story happened when grandma Ann lost her rat terrier. She was heartbroken, every pet owner can relate the feeling of losing a loving pet and how awful it is.

This is such a frustrating and extremely painful feeling that I don’t wish on anybody. What remains is our irreplaceable memories with them that will never fade away. Sometimes it is better to love and lose than to never experience love at all.

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I’m pretty sure that those among us, who have lost pets before, would smile now and remember them!

One way to ease a broken heart, is to introduce a new love, another furry buddy, into your life to love again with every little peace in your heart.

Grandma Ann had been posting photos of rescue dogs on Facebook for a few weeks when her granddaughter-in-law started searching for puppies online herself.

She and her husband, Charlie, found the perfect match for the grieved grandma. They drove a long four hour journey to get the pup and drive back again over to grandma Ann’s home.

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When they arrived, grandma Ann was sitting in her living room. It was crystal clear that she was still feeling down and sad over the loss of her beloved dog.

But when Charlie and his wife walked into the living room, while the camera was ready to film everything, her expressions changed.

Watch the video to see her amazing reaction!

This is such a great idea to ease broken hearts, please share this story with your family and friends!

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