She Was Found Starving And Wounded, Now You Won’t Believe She Is The Same Dog!

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Animal Aid Unlimited of India, recently found a homeless dog that was in a desperate need to get some help! Or in the worst cases, she would have died. This poor dog was like so many other street or homeless dogs that they barley survive living in that way!

This what she looked like when they first found her:

The poor dog was scared and it was crystal clear that she was suffering from a maggot-infested neck wound. This wound was a serious and deadly one that it didn’t only threaten her life but it was also the big reason of making it more miserable! She could have died in a day or two if not getting the medical care and treatment that she needed the most!

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It was just the perfect time to rescue her and it was the beginning of her recovery journey:

She was rushed to a vet who gave her the medical care that she was in a desperate need to have. day after day she was getting better, and she is a real fighter! Her spirit is so strong that she was making an outstanding recovery!

The best part is that she needed a month of medical care and love to be totally transformed!

It is unbelievable how making something good can change a soul’s life? I’m amazed of her transformation! She looks like a totally different dog. She is now full of life, confident, her within beauty started to glow outside and she is really beautiful!

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Her story is really amazing and at some point I had to go back and watch the video from the very beginning to ensure that she is the same dog. It is really amazing what these kind people did to her, that was a real wonderful work!

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