She was reunited with her dog after 3 years, it’s so heart touching.

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She was reunited with her dog after 3 years

Nothing is better in life than the reuniting moments between dogs and their owners. This video shows Joplin, the dog, when reunited with her original owner after being away for over three years, sadly she was away in prison for those 3 years, but she survived and came back for her dog. It’s amazing how the dog remembered her owner and never forgot her; she kept on jumping over her and running around her. Joplin tail was wagging like she is dancing around because of happiness. This is a very inspirational video showing the love of both the dog, Joplin, and her owner.  The two are reunited and it is very emotional at how they interact, you will shed some tears. At the closing of the video, there are a few pictures of them reuniting.  It’s truly one of the most amazing video clips.

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The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained more than 2 million videos; it was shared for thousands of times on social media websites. The owner of Joplin said that her life was great after getting out of prison and reuniting with her dog. She said that life is good for both of them finally.  Lots of viewers asked about the music attached to the video, the music was so matching with the condition; the track name is “The Promise” by Tracy Chapman.

Dogs are having this long term memory which makes them able to remember their owners if they go away for a long time, they use it not for just remembering their owners; it’s for remembering trainings, and places.

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