SHOCKING! Three puppies found frozen to death in a bag outside Aldi Supermarket.


It’s shocking! Heartbreaking and unbelievable, what happened to this puppy is so breaking. It all started when this abandoned newborn Rottweiler was found in Bolton, but now the puppy is already dead! Sadly, the three puppies were found frozen to death; the puppies were only one week old. On Sunday night, they were dumped; someone put them in a bag and left them outside the Aldi Supermarket in Bolton. They died from the freezing icy weather. They didn’t make it, they were frozen.

It’s a shocking cruelty act; those puppies were born to die! Now this RSPCA is investigating about this crime, they are trying to know any information that comes forward that leads to the one responsible for this. If anyone knows of a Rottweiler type dog who has recently had puppies please get in touch with either ourselves or the National RSPCA on 0300 1234 999, any information would help them find whoever heartless person did this, to bring them to justice.

Whoever could harm or torture a pure soul of an animal, will easily harm a human, it’s the matter of appreciating lives. Those kinds of people must learn their lesson; they must get the suitable punishments, so their behavior won’t become worse. Most of those warm hearted and humane people are feeling sorry with the accidents and stories we hear every day about abusing innocent animals. Only animals’ rescue foundations and non-profit organizations are doing their job by saving who they could save. We still dream about that day that we will see animals living happily and safe on this planet, without seeing this cruelty that we see every day in this world. We hope that they find the one who killed the Rottweiler puppies.


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