“Sitting By The Door” What Does Your Dog Mean By That!

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If your dog has a desire for sitting by the door, this could mean so many things except the desire to go outside for the bathroom. Sitting by the door can refer to many things:

  • Bathroom

If your pet is a young puppy, its sitting by the door could indicate that he really wants to go. The little puppy knows that it has to go outside to urinate or pass stools and is trying to alert you to its issue by sitting in front of the door.

  • Separation Anxiety

If your dog sits by the door, this could also indicate a case of separation anxiety. If it keeps itself by the door when its humans are outside the house for work or something else. Sometimes sitting by the door can mean, the dog is trying to go outside to see its favorite humans.

  • Hormonal Behavior

It can also be a sign of an escape effort. Intact dogs of both sexes can become really stressed out because of hormones and the force to risk outdoors to find some partner for mating. This often happens when sexually mature female dogs is in heat and ready for a sexually mature male dog.


  • Familiar Noises

If you find your dog sitting by the door every time you get enter your home, don’t guess that the furry friend has essentially been waiting for you in that exact spot for hours. If your dog hears the familiar sound of your garage opening, it might have excitedly walked up to the door from his comfy bed only seconds before you walk into the house.

  • Tedium

Sitting by the door can be your furry friend’s way to tell you “I’m bored, I wanna go outside and I want to play around”. Your dog might relate the concept of the outdoors with play and having good time.


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