Some Household Products Are Really Dangerous On Your Cat

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If you are a cat owner, then I am sure that your cat is actually doing this, playing in everything around. Cats mostly love to play in cables, she might hit a glass of water on the counter and drop it on the floor, she might play in the trash can, cats can mess with anything around, but the thing is, we should be careful about our household products, it’s not the point that we want to keep our stuff neat and good, but the truth is that your household products can hurt your cat badly. In this article, we will help you keep your cat protected. You will be totally surprised by the things around your house that can hurt your cat.

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1-Chimical-Filled Things:

The chemical liquids especially those that we use in cleaning, if you are putting them in storage, make sure it’s locked well and make sure it’s high safe. Even if you are using any chemical things on daily basis, don’t leave it on the counter or on a table or on a place that your cat can reach. It’s very poisoning for your cat and it also can hurt them if a few drops had split on them.

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2-Dryer Sheets

I am sure that not every cat owner knows this, and yes, dryer sheet seemed that it has no harm for cats but actually it’s dangerous on them.Simply, dryer sheets contain benzyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, ethanol and ethyl acetate, all those chemicals can hurt your cat badly, and any other product containing the same chemicals should be kept in a high safe place, so your cat won’t reach them.

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Those are the most important things to hide from your cats, you should also keep away cables, strings, and other little stuff that your cat can swallow, remember that cats are the most curious animals ever so you should be careful.