Somethings Scared This Cat, Her Reaction Was Absolutely Hilarious

9-9-2015 7-11-57 PM

We know that when cats get frightened they do that hunchback move, but this cute white cat had did it in a new and very hilarious way. Simply you won’t stop watching this video, maybe it’s only 11 seconds, but you will keep on watching it for a long time. I think that we should call what this cat did the “devil dance”. It seems that there is something that scared the little cat, so she ran immediately behind the chair, and after a while she came back with that devil dance move, but the way she ran in the end was absolutely hilarious!

9-9-2015 7-12-20 PM

Cats are incredible, aren’t they? Who can’t fall deeply in love with these chubby furry four legged pets? While I was watching this, I felt how amazing it really is to have a cat especially if it’s like this white cat.Whatever cat games that they have, your cat will keep on hiding in that cardboard box, so that’s what we call, Cat logic. Cats, they leave filtered water and drink directly from the sink. Your cat may have lots of toys, but the toe spacer is still the most amazing game ever, and also those TV cables, are a must bite! Cats love to eat almost anything anyway. Sometimes your cat shows you how much she is in desperate need for petting, but when you overdo it, your cat will start biting and scratching your hand.

9-9-2015 7-12-42 PM

Despite how many cat beds you bought, the pizza box will be the best place ever to sleep in, or the bag, or any box in your home, or any pot in the kitchen. Despite how it’s hard to go with that logic, we still love our cats.

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