Surprisingly, cats show their love by 10 incredible ways!

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Although cats cannot speak, they find ways to communicate their feelings and emotions easily.

Your kitty may “meow” when hungry, paw at your legs when needing attention; it finds its own way to let you know what they might be thinking.

Even though we cannot read our kittens’ minds, we know that they always show their love to us through many ways.

By reading through this list of behaviors, you will know about some incredible ways your cat uses to convey love to you.  You will also read about general hints that show how our cats attempt to communicate with us.

I already knew a few of these behaviors, but I had no idea about most of them. Surprisingly, I was shocked by just finding out how often my kitty tried to tell me how much she loved me!

Let us know in the comments below; which of these behaviors your cats use to show you that they love you as much as you love them.


1. Kneading Your Legs


One main way for cats to show love is kneading. When your kitty pushes its paws in and out against a soft surface; it is their way to say “I love you”.

While petting your kitty, it may curl up and knead your lap; this is the most common gesture for cats to show their love and affection to you.  It is recommended to ease them the painful part of that kneading by placing a soft, thick barrier between the cat and your lap.