Taiwan has a new trend for dogs, see it yourself!

Dogs are funny, without even trying. They never fail in making us laugh, they know how to cheer us up, and they protect and love us. We do the same for them, we play with them, make them have fun, love them, and take care of them. Taking care of them means grooming, and grooming can be fun, how, you might ask? Taiwan’s new trend is here to show you.

1.The Taiwan trend is: all the dogs’ heads gets sculpted into perfect circles or squares.


2.Why? For them to have a unique look.


3.However, our dogs don’t seem to be that happy about it.


4.These puppy eyes are telling you how much they simply hate it.


5.However, we can’t deny the fact that they look absolutely hilarious… and gorgeous.


6.They look exactly like teddy bears, don’t they?


7.Some even look like adult dogs, and they are still pretty adorable.


8.Sometimes, they even look like a dog that can be found in a play station game!


So, what do you think about Taiwan’s new trend? Would you try it on your dog, or would you just wish that this trend disappears as soon as possible? Tell us your opinion in the comments below, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends, see what they think about it!

Those photos remind me of this album that shows about 15 dogs who are having the most hilarious haircuts, it’s not differ a lot from these trends, you will be totally amazed by it. so why don’t you think about trying one haircut with your dog. try one and send us the photo of your dog.

See those hilarious photos and don’t if you think it’s funny, don’t forget to share it with all of your family and friends, help the trend go viral

[h/t – BoredPanda]